The DBF team has created the DB UNIT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, a Dynamic 7-Month comprehensive and integrated training platform specifically engineered to help build your Defensive Backfields overall Technique, Football IQ and Chemistry in a highly COMPETITIVE environment.

Your Defensive Backfield will undergo a series of High-Tempo customized instructional segments that will help equip your Defensive Backs with the physical and mental edge needed to perform at their optimal level on GAMEDAY

In addition, the DBF Team will implement your team’s Defensive Coverages into your overall training protocol, creating a unique opportunity for your secondary unit to build CONTINUITY within the defensive scheme. 

Ultimately, the DB UNIT DEVELOPMENT platform will provide your Defensive Backfield with the absolute best tools to help enhance their all-around technique, instincts and awareness in preparation to enter the season as a highly DISRUPTIVE secondary in all phases defensively.



  • High School & Youth Program

  • Group Requirements: 6-10 Players

  • 7-Month Curriculum / Jan-July

  • 3 Days Per Month

  • 1 Hour 30 min on-field practices

Location: Los Angeles & surrounding Southern California areas